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Introducing I'mTP: Internet Marketing for Training Providers

Introducing I'mTP:
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“Bringing you and your training providers even more closer than before...”

Date: 11 April 2012By Antonio Ooi

Greetings and welcome to the whole new service model of Internet Marketing for Training Providers - I'mTP! It had been a while since we started with our Associate Trainer Partnership Program (ATPP). The decision to replace ATPP with I'mTP, however, wasn't really implying the failure of ATPP. Instead, one of the key important reasons was that, as our website traffic had been consistently growing and gone parallelly with the volume of our incoming training requests until we no longer have the capacity to give the best service to both our Associate Trainers and our customers. Eventually, we decided to segregate the duty of customer service back to our trainers, not just purely to balance up our capacity but also for the following exciting great reasons:

  1. Higher Customer Satisfaction & ROI
    We're now able to maximize our customers' satisfaction by allowing them to directly deal with the trainers / training providers for more valuable advises and hence more accurate decision making for the needs of their people skills development. This will not only allowing our trainers to close more deals but also to help our customers to save more significant amount of time from hunting around for suitable training providers. Of course, customers who require more quotations from variety of vendors for pricing comparison are exceptions but at least, they eventually know which training provider to pick for the best of their ROI.
  2. No more confusion on HRDF claim
    Due to the fact that OTK Web Solutions isn't really a training provider but purely an Internet Marketing Agent to its training partners, this had caused a confusion at both our customers and PSMB sides. As such, by having I'mTP as our new service model, customers can now be very ascertain about their ability to claim for HRDF. Keep in mind that majority of our trainers are PSMB registered / TTT exempted trainers, therefore, documents such as trainer profile, course outlines, invoices and official receipts that represent their own identity will be much easier to be used for HRDF claim.
  3. Direct contact with training providers through their contact information Higher Communication Efficiency & Effectiveness
    In the past, we acted as a middle communication channel between our customers and our trainers. Although this may sound normal as a role of a sales agent, to us, it is a 'hidden' issue that had been bugging us for quite some times -- "Is this an efficient way for the customers and trainers to communication with each other? Is it effective?" Our answer is definitely 'No'! Now, by having I'mTP, we managed to resolve this issue once and for all by allowing our customers to communicate directly with our training providers while capable of releasing a substantial amount of resources for us to expand our digital marketing services to its greater potential.
  4. More Competitive Pricing for Customers
    Like most sales & marketing agents usually do, we charged our trainers for certain percentage of commission for every sale closed. Now, with this new service model, no more commission charge to our training providers who subscribed to our Internet Marketing services. Instead, they will only be charged by small amount of usage fees that go according to our performance. At overall, their profit margins will become higher than before and therefore greater discounts and competitive pricing can be given to their customers. This is one of the beauties of I'mTP!

Impressive, isn't it? As all our existing trainers are now being converted to our I'mTP subscribers, our customers are now able to grab their contact number and email address on every of their course detail pages and trainer profile. Even though some of them may go for Result Oriented Usage Option rather than Traffic Oriented Usage Option, every single online form submission will go directly to the training provider's mailbox! Eventaully, the training providers will still be able to contact you through phone. We only implement this just for the sake of tracking the number of leads that we can generate for our Result Oriented subscribers for billing purposes; other than that, there won't be any compromise on the benefits as stated above.

If you like the ideas of our new service model, we hope that you can give full support to us by joining any one of our social networks presented on our website so that together, we make a huge difference in Malaysia's training industry!

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