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Organizational Culture Management Training Course Organizational Culture Management
By Lily Lau
Cross Cultural Management:

Being a 'Glocal' Manager

“Think Global and Act Local — Be 'Glocal'!”

By Lily Lau

Directive Communication Accredited Master Trainer • HRDF Registered Trainer
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Course Title:
Being a 'Glocal' Manager
Training Category:
Human Resource Management
1 Day
Target Audience:
Expatriates relocated to Malaysia and want to understand local culture and business practices.
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Course Introduction ›

“We don’t see things are they are…we see things as we are.” Quote by Anais Nin

The above quote is the source of many differences in the cross-cultural challenges faced by expatriates and international managers when they are assigned to their job in a new country. Unfortunately, many corporations failed to recognise the importance of the cultural baggage one carries and the inability to adapt to a new culture is one of the most cited reasons for relocation failure.

In order for the expatriate to work effectively and successful in the new culture, we familiarize them with the issues on working and living in Malaysia. Topics such as understanding culture, managing transition, differences in values, culture dimension, management and skills sets shall be discussed.

We prepare expatriates and international managers to think global and act local ie. 'Glocal' which means one has to be open to new ideas and yet embedded in one’s own culture.

Course Objectives ›

At the end of the session, participants would be able to:

  • Obtain an overview of Malaysian social customs, culture and economy
  • Develop an understanding of cultural differences and values
  • Identify the key elements of culture and how they influence one’s thinking and managerial actions
  • Be aware of the various phases of cultural shock in managing transition
  • Develop an understanding of Malaysian business etiquette, management styles and differences in leadership, communication, teamwork, conflict management, problem solving, decision making and other management practices

Course Outline ›


1. Understanding Cultural Differences

  • Cultural Lens Syndrome
  • Delights, Puzzles & Irritations of Culture
  • Cultural Iceberg Model
  • Values & Underlying Assumptions

2. Malaysia Overview

  • Multi-cultural Malaysia
  • Living in Malaysia - food, social customs, etiquette etc
  • Importance of religion in Malaysia
  • Do's & Don'ts of doing business

3. Managing Culture Challenges @ Workplace

  • Workplace culture in Malaysia
  • 8 pairs of Cultural Dimensions – East vs. West
  • Communication with Malaysians – do’s & don’ts
  • Managing Cultural Shock
  • Case studies

Methodology ›

This program features inter-active learning, experiential activities and facilitative training. Various facilitation methods including pre-workshop questionnaire, card activity, learning tools, games, group discussion will be used. The session will be thought provoking, informational and inspiring.

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