Cross-Cultural Management Training

Cross-Cultural Management Training Course Cross-Cultural Management Training
By Lily Lau
Cross Cultural Management:

Communicating Across Cultures

“The Art of Connecting Heart to Heart”

By Lily Lau

Directive Communication Accredited Master Trainer • PSMB Certified Trainer
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Course Title:
Communicating Across Cultures
Training Category:
Business Management
Target Audience:
Expatriates, CEOs, Managing Directors, Directors, Department Heads, Senior Managers, Managers, consultants, professionals, entrepreneurs, lecturers, researchers, scholars, counsellors, NGOs or anyone who want to develop communication and influencing skills in a cross and multi-culture setting.
2 Days
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Course Introduction ›

  • Is yes really a yes when people nod their heads?
  • Why are some people not direct in saying 'no' and instead give you a roundabout answer?
  • Silence speaks louder than spoken words. Do you agree?

Have you encounter problems communicating with someone from a different culture? Both of you may be using a common language and yet message is not transpired. Knowing to speak a foreign language does not equate to getting the message across. Communication across cultures involves different dimension and it requires understanding and tolerance beyond spoken words. The challenge is how to get the messages across to make work more effective and productive without creating unnecessary miscommunication and conflict.

This session is designed for people who interact in cross-culture, multi-culture and diversity environment. It raises the awareness of the differences and how to break barriers, cultivate trust, collaborate to create synergies and expand beyond each other's boundaries. You will also discover your genetic brain processor and how you think as an individual.

This two day highly interactive workshop will examine the influence of values, the differences in culture dimensions and communication practices in the workplace. Knowledge and appropriate skills will be highlighted to enable participants to "take home" some real life applications to their respective workplaces.

Course Objectives ›

This workshop strives to:

  • Communicate effectively with people at cross and multi - culture level.
  • Communicate effectively face-to-face and virtually in dealing with people across borders.
  • Develop capabilities to see things as others are, not as we are to overcome misunderstandings and minimize conflicts.
  • Increase awareness on the concept of culture and diversity and how a person is defined by his cultural background.
  • Identify the values and underlying assumptions of individuals and how cultural baggage are brought to the workplace
  • Discover your brain genetic processing style and how it can used to communicate effectively
  • Build trust, synergy and lasting relationship for maximum results

Course Outline ›


1. The 4 Principles of Colored Brain Processor

  • Perspective taking: Colored glasses syndrome and why you see only differences
  • Discover your brain genetic style of processing information through Colored Brain Communication Inventory
  • Discover your strengths and weakness and the strategies for improvement
  • Learn the ways to communicate influentially to get things done

2. The Fundamentals of Culture

  • Discover the Delights, Puzzles & Irritations
  • Understand culture & the tree analogy
  • Understand values and the basis of our underlying assumption on the way we act and react
  • Discover the 8 sets of Cultural Dimensions and the differences
  • Discover your own Cultural Dimensions and your values

3. Understanding the Communication Process

  • 7 Components of Communication
  • Communication Gap & Barrier
  • Communication & Perception

4. Bridging the Communication Gap

  • The language gap - high & low context communication
  • Non-verbals & Postures
  • Ways to say 'NO'
  • Virtual Communication

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