Colored Brain Leadership Skills

Colored Brain Leadership Skills Colored Brain Leadership Skills
By Culture Dynamics
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Being the Colored Brain Leader
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Soft Skills
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Director & Senior Management, Managers, Asst. Managers & Team Leaders. Anyone in the leadership position who aspires to inspire and lead people
2 Days
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Aug 2017 ›
V E Hotel, Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Wed 23 Aug 2017 - Thu 24 Aug 2017
9:00AM - 5:00PM

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  • Participants will uncover own profile for Colored Brain Communication Inventory. You will find out what is your brain genetic processing style. You also get 1 pack of Colored Brain Communication cards with FREE consultation. All worth RM650!
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Leadership Skills:
Being the Colored Brain Leader

“Maximize your ability to successful leadership skills”

By Culture Dynamics DCI

Directive Communication Certified Training Provider • Chartered Member of American Institute of Business Psychology • PSMB Certified Training Provider
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  • There are just too many bosses and too few leaders...
  • Leadership is about personal attributes, not about status and position.
  • Leadership is about inspiring, not following.

Not all managers are leaders and not everyone can lead. Leadership is not about following. It requires certain qualities and ability of you to inspire and bring out the best of people. It is about achieving results through people.

As a leader, it is essential to know your strengths and hidden potentials. This is a motivational and inspirational session to allow you to discover your inner self. We explore the journey to unleash your potentials and understand your limitations in developing your excellent leadership skill. The key to successful leadership is not in their natural gifts, but in their ability to maximize the natural gifts of those around them and to act on what is required by the task at hand.

Participants will get to do the Colored Brain Communication Psychometric Profiling tool to uncover your Colored Brain. The purpose is to understand yourself at a deeper level and unleash greater potential in you as a leader.

This course is also available in Chinese / Mandarin.

Course Objectives

At the end of the session, participant should be able to:

  • Understand the psychology and how you affect and are affected by environment.
  • Direct and redirect focus based on solution and not process or problem.
  • Identify your personal leadership identity that leads to success and achieve targets.
  • Identify barriers, challenges and gaps in order to re-learn and go forward.
  • Make realization how you can be a better leader through unleashing your potentials.
  • Increase self-motivation drive and passion to achieve greater results.
  • Cultivate positive mindset to increase leadership effectiveness.

Course Outline


1. Foundation in Leadership

  • Who is a Leader?
  • Definition of leadership
  • Leadership vs Management
  • Qualities of a Leader

2. Colored Brain Communication

  • Colored Glasses Syndrome
  • 4 Colored Processors
  • CBCI
  • Interpretation of your natural talents, potentials, strengths & weaknesses


3. The Colors of Leadership

  • 8 Human Emotional Drivers
  • Need Sucking Syndrome
  • Colors of Leaders
  • Colors of Team & Organization

4. Leadership & Team

  • The Environment & how it affects you
  • Focus & Reticular Activating System
  • Pyramid of Commitment
  • Developing the true leadership color in you

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