Domestic Inquiry Training: 1 Day

Domestic Inquiry Training Course How to Conduct Domestic Inquiry in Malaysia
By Maimunah Aminuddin
Laws & Legislations:

Why & How to Conduct Domestic Inquiry

“Proactive, Effective and Preventive Measures”

By Maimunah Aminuddin

Author • Retired (Prof) IR Lecturer • Adjunct Professor • Supervisor of PhD candidates • M.A.(Hons)
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Course Title:
Why & How to Conduct Domestic Inquiry
Training Category:
Human Resource Management
1 Day
Target Audience:
Whoever disciplines employees; whoever is assigned in Domestic Inquiry Panel; and whoever handles and manages Industrial Relations.
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Nov 2016 ›
Skyview 9, Level 29 Gardens Hotel, Mid Valley Kuala Lumpur
Tue 23 Nov 2016 9:00AM - 5:00PM
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Course Introduction ›

In managing Human Capital's discipline, justice must not ONLY be done but must be seen to be done. The "Twin Pillars" of Natural Justice, being "No person shall be condemned unheard" and "No person shall sit in judgment in his own cause or in any in which he is interested", must be adhered to.

The objective of holding a Domestic Inquiry has two-fold reasons. Firstly, to give the opportunity to the employer to prove the charges of misconduct against a delinquent employee before punishment is meted out, and secondly, to give the employee sufficient opportunity to defend himself / herself.

It is crucial for Managers, Supervisors and IR staff to know and understand legal, HR aspects and rationale of Discipline Management and Disciplinary actions so that the relevant actions taken are without fear and favour.

This is an interactive training to familiarize on the concept, processes, roles, responsibilities, and get answers to your concerns and challenges in handling BEFORE, DURING and AFTER a Domestic Inquiry.

Course Objectives ›

  • To improve your effectiveness in handling Misconducts & Domestic Inquiry issues and problems
  • To know your rights, responsibilities and jurisdictions within the Laws
  • To learn the applications of those Labour Laws in managing Human Capital's discipline
  • To know what you can and cannot do legally, and what you should do and should have done
  • To learn & understand the quintessential processes in discipline management and Domestic Inquiry

Course Outline ›


Activities Prior to a Domestic Inquiry

  • Investigating Misconduct
  • Framing charges
  • Appointing a panel of inquiry, a prosecutor, a secretary
  • Other preparations

Prosecution of Cases

  • Order of Proceedings
  • Rights of the accused employee
  • The role of evidence in the domestic inquiry
  • Problems and issues that arise

After a Domestic Inquiry

  • Panel Report / Findings
  • Punishments

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