Dealing with Difficult People in Manufacturing

Dealing with Difficult People in Manufacturing Dealing with Difficult People in Manufacturing
By Stan Lee
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Dealing with Difficult People in Manufacturing
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Soft Skills › Communication & Interpersonal Skills
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The program capitalizes on a cross-functional perspective and is suitable to Leaders who hold key positions across all functions including Production, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Engineering, Research and Design, Sales & Marketing, Administration, and Human Resources.
2 Days
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Armada Hotel, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Wed 20 May 2015 - Thu 21 May 2015
9:00AM - 5:00PM

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Communication & Interpersonal Skills:

Dealing with Difficult People in Manufacturing

“Learn to manage difficult people effectively in the manufacturing environment to improve productivity.”

By Stan Lee

Certified Business Image Trainer • Professional Business & Sales Trainer • Business Strategist
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The economic slowdown with retrenchment in the manufacturing/ production and other sectors has put human capital strategies through the ultimate test:

Question: Are people investments to be managed or expenses to be reduced?

Today, human management is regarded as a true differentiator for any successful business. In difficult times, the main challenge is to survive the crisis. Ultimately, it's a matter of how today's leaders manage and invest in the human capital wisely and strategically so as not to lose the competitive edge that talent offers that will NOT only help the organization through tough times but to succeed over the long haul.

Turbulent Times Put Leaders to the Tests

Dealing with Difficult People Workshop is to enhance and stimulate Leadership ability and potential. It offers a unique opportunity for anyone who has a leadership role within a manufacturing and production environment to build a high performance teams in tough times.

"If you keep doing what you've been doing you'll keep getting what you've been getting". Most leaders, owners or managers have not yet tapped the full potential of their workforce, and yet they won't do so by doing more or even better of what they've done in the past. Only through a training of leading a high performance teams and how to be a great leaders of the organization can have outstanding improvements in productivity and quality be realized.

Course Objectives

  1. Increase the productivity rate by learning the effective methods how they can stay focus at work while finding joy in the job they do
  2. Aim to cultivate good communication skills and abilities so orders and instruction can be properly delegates and execute.
  3. Learn the strategic ways in how an employee can increase their creativity ability making them a true asset to an organization
  4. Motivate Staff, Minimize stress and maximize productivity and performance during difficult times
  5. Create stronger employee loyalty and human factors in challenging business times

Course Outline


1. The challenge to address difficult situation

  • Know yourself first
  • Examine the existing thoughts and feelings about the person
  • Clarify your thoughts
  • "Care for the person and take care of the problem"

2. Approaching the difficulties

  • Strength based approached
  • Admit mistakes
  • Focus on the performance
  • Addressing the issues
  • Communicate as much
  • Give feedbacks
  • Seeking opinion from the Employee

3. Conversation vs. Communication

  • Communicating orders, instruction and direction
  • Body language
  • "Be with the person and not with the problem"
  • Create a non-blame environment

4. Stress and Anger management

  • Anger & Control
  • Understand that stress and fear lead to anger
  • He who angers me controls me
  • We cannot be in control when angry
  • He who's in control wins
  • Stress diversion
  • Sharing skills
  • Case study


5. Some strategies with difficult people

  • Neutralize them
  • Describe them
  • Predict them
  • Inform them
  • Involve them
  • Ignore them
  • Convert them
  • Expose them
  • Use them
  • Persuade them
  • Confront them
  • Rehabilitate them
  • Discourage them
  • Ridicule them
  • Punish them

6. Understanding traits and behavior of your work force

  • Management team
  • Middle management
  • Subordinates
  • 3rd party (customers, clients, vendors, suppliers)

7. Mode of communication

  • Counselling
  • Personal approch
  • Written notes and cards
  • Hammer of law

8. Understanding the Emotions

  • Recognize that people have different motivations, needs, styles, & fears
  • Mutual Respect
  • Being defensive

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