Domestic Inquiry Training: Framing Charge

Domestic Inquiry Training Course Domestic Inquiry Training
By Atan Mustaffa
Laws & Legislation:

Framing Charge & Conducting Effective Domestic Inquiry

“Learn to properly frame charges and conduct domestic inquiry effectively.”

Atan Mustaffa

LL.B, University of Bristol • MBA, University of Exeter
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Course Title:
Framing Charge & Conducting Effective Domestic Inquiry Training Category:
Human Resource Management Target Audience:
This workshop is designed for those in the ranks of supervisors upwards who is tasked with the role to discipline and maintain industrial harmony. It will also be beneficial for those in the Human Resource Department and those given the role to conduct a Domestic Inquiry for the Company. Duration:
1 Day
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Course Introduction ›

This 1-day Domestic Inquiry training includes learning how to properly frame charges, handle disciplinary problems, handle investigations and domestic inquiries professionally and more. This workshop is designed for supervisor position and above with the role to discipline and maintain industrial relations. It is also beneficial to those in the Human Resource Department and those in the role to conduct a Domestic Inquiry for the Company.

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Course Objectives ›

At the end of this 1-day Domestic Inquiry training, participants should be able to:

  • Properly frame charges
  • Handle disciplinary problems more efficiently and effectively.
  • Work towards creating a better working environment to reduce employee misconduct.
  • Handle investigations and domestic inquiries professionally.
  • Ensure proper documentation to protect employer's interests.

Course Outline ›



  • Concept of misconduct
  • Breaches of express or implied conditions of service
  • Acts of misconduct including absent without leave and sexual harassment
  • Company Rules & Regulations


  • Employer's Right to Discipline
  • Employee's right to Security of Tenure
  • Statutory requirements
    • Employment Act s. 14(1)
    • Industrial Relations Act s.5(2)(a)
    • Industrial Relations Act s.30(5A)
  • Contractual or CA requirements
  • Requirements of Natural Justice
  • Industrial Court guidelines on DI
  • Investigation of Complaints
  • Law on Condonation
  • Issuing Show Cause letter


  • Framing of Charges
  • Notice of inquiry
  • Role of Company Prosecuting Officer (PO)
  • Role of Board of Inquiry
  • Recording of proceedings by the Board
  • Adducing evidence examination in chief, cross examination, re-examination of witnesses and submission by both parties
  • Findings report and recommendations
  • Quantum of punishment


  • Assignment of roles
  • Preparation of case
  • Prosecution case
  • Employee's case
  • Submission
  • Panel deliberation
  • Panel decision
  • Debriefing

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