Photography Workshop: Digital Photography

Photography Workshop: Digital Photography Essentials -, Malaysia Training Courses Digital Photography Essentials Workshop
By Mr Nikt Wong
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Digital Photography Essentials Workshop
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Commercial Arts › Photography
Target Audience:
  • Personnel in corporate communications and marketing
  • Officers/Executives involved in PR, media and publishing
  • University and College students
1 day
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Delivery Methods
  • Language: English
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Workshop
  • Indoor Activities
  • Participant Presentation
  • Video Presentation
  • Role Play
  • Lecture
  • Case Studies
  • Demonstrations
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Photography Workshop:
Digital Photography Essentials

Photography Trainer - Nikt Wong

“A comprehensive guide for photography newbies.”

By Nikt Wong

Awards Winning Photographer • Teaching & Advisory Panel Member of Nikon Malaysia

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Course Objectives

At the end of this workshop, you should have:

  • A good understanding of digital camera features and how to fully utilise it
  • A good grounding in image handling and digital editing
  • Exposure to lighting and techniques that will improve your picture quality and creativity

Course Outline

D A Y  1

Getting Started: Digital Photography Basics

  • How is a picture made
  • Digital SLR’s – different users different needs
  • Managing your Digital Ecosystem – Camera/Storage/PC/Software/Digital Display/Print

Technical Aspects of Digital Photography

  • Principals of exposure/shutter speed/aperture
  • Image size and Resolution Concepts
  • Sorting and editing images
  • Basic Re-touching

Understanding Digital Camera Functions

  • Shooting Modes
  • Metering
  • White Balance
  • Focusing

Improving Your Photography Techniques

  • Framing & Composition techniques
  • Seeing the Light – Natural and artificial
  • Outdoors and Indoors Photography Shooting
  • Tips & Tricks

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