Selling Skills: Power Pack Sales Workshop

Soft Skills Training: Power Pack Sales Workshop - Power Pack Sales Workshop
By Dr Kamal Kenny
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Power Pack Sales Workshop
Soft Skills
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Sales Personnel & Marketing Personnel
2 days
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Selling Skills:
Power Pack Sales Workshop

“Your steps to higher sales turnover.”

By Dr Kamal Kenny

PhD in Gender Development • Master in Science • Degree in Social Science • PSMB TTT Exempted
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Why effective sales strategies?

Selling, in the old days, was largely an act of personal heroism. The key to successful selling was knowing the products and the customers. The effective sales rep would present his or her product or service in the best possible light, forge a bond with the buyer, and triumph over the competition.

This approach has little to do with the way sales are made in today's real world. Today's customers don't want products; they demand solutions, and solutions don't come in a box. They must be designed, fashioned to meet the customer's specific needs. Making such sales takes a lot more than personal charisma. Today's selling is system selling, solution selling, consultative selling; it entails analysing customer needs, designing alternative solutions, scrutinizing costs, developing and implementing systems, and more.

Course Outline

D A Y  1

Sales Strategies. The secret to better sales

The objective of this session is to ensure participants understand the right strategies to employ in devising the right marketing/sales strategies for your company. Participants will learn how to plan and devise strategies in this session.

Sales Environment – Consumer & Organisational Buyer Behaviour

The objective of this session is to give participants an overview of the differences of consumer and organizational buyer behavior in the business world and why it is important to integrate both these elements for higher business returns,

Relationship Selling – The Need to understand Buyer

The new wave of marketing strategies is to understand your clients and the process of doing this is building rapport with your clients. Participants will learn in this session the need to build low relationship with clients in order to sustain a long term business plan.

Using Added Value and USP in Achieving Sales

The objective of this session is to enable participants to understand the importance of identifying added value schemes in the current marketing plans of each company in order to capture a better segment market as well as to give more added values for the buyer. This is essential as clients are always looking for extra in today’s business world.

D A Y  2

Handling Rejection – The Secret to Sales Success

Rejection is no more seen as a process to failure but a learning tactic in improvising your approach in marketing. Marketing personnel must equip themselves with the mindset that rejection is part of the game plan in marketing strategies. Participants will learn in this session on how to convert each rejection into something positive for the betterment of their sales quest.

Professional Sales People Do Not Fear Rejection

In this session also, participants will observe case studies and identify on how major MNC around the world has used the rejections to come up with better products and solutions for their companies.

The Key Steps to Acquiring Power Sales

The objective of this session is to rollout step in each unique industry but identifying the niche product requirements and catering accordingly to the diverse wants of the clientele.

An Overview of Workshop & Sales Presentation Session

This session will re-cap on the 2 day programme and during this session too, participants will be required to do a presentation of marketing/sales plans for their respective companies.


This workshop includes lectures, reading materials, case studies discussions, simulation exercises, presentation by participants. It is an interactive session which gives lots of room for participants to make the best of the workshop.

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