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Nikt Wong

Commercial Arts

'The Art of Seeing' needs to be complimented with 'The Art of Being There'.

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  • Teaching & Advisory Panel Member
    Nikon Malaysia
  • Bachelor of Economics & Accounting 1993
    Macquarie University, Australia


Commercial Photography:
  • Food
  • Travel
  • Personalities
  • Events
  • Publications
  • Documentary
  • Photojournalism

Status achievements

  • Nikon Teaching & Advisory Panel Member
Nikt Wong PSMB Certificate


  • Finalist – KL Photo Awards 2010
    (Contemporary Portraiture)
  • 1st Prize – KL Photo Awards 2009
    (Contemporary Portraiture)
  • 1st Prize – Through The Eyes Of A Malaysian Photographer
    (Spanish Embassy, Msia 2005)
  • Siemens - Malaysian Young Artist Exhibition Grant - 2003

Solo Exhibitions

  • Colour Of Humanity
    Siemens Art Gallery, solo exhibition 2003
  • Route of Don Quixote
    National Art Gallery, KL 2005
    Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, KL 2006
    University Sains Malaysia, Penang 2006
    Danga Bay exhibition gallery, Johore 2006
    Grand Hyatt, Sabah 2007

Group Exhibitions

  • Datum – KL Architectural Festival 2011
    MAP White Room
  • KL Photo Awards 2009 and 2010
    The Annexe Gallery, KL
  • Out of Berlin
    Goethe Institute, Berlin + Worldwide 2007
    The Annexe Gallery, KL, 2008
  • 5 smooth Stones
    The Photographers Gallery, KL Biennale 2005
  • Malaysia@50
    National Art Gallery, KL 2007


  • ‘Songket’
    A New Look at Songket – YTNZ Foundation – Malaysia
  • ‘Senyum Sokmo’
    The Colourful Life of Terengganu
  • ‘Malaysia@50’
    Book Project – 2007
  • ‘Khazanah Merdeka Series’
    A Year in Pictures 2007/2008 – Khazanah National
  • ‘Insight City Guide Kuala Lumpur’
    Insight Guides/Discovery Channel
  • ‘Phuket Pocket Guide’
  • Table
    Food Frangipanis & Flair -Flame of the Forest Singapore
  • Fruitastic
    For Healthy Living Longevity and Wellness - MPH Malaysia
  • Vegemania
    For Healthy Living Longevity and Wellness - MPH Malaysia

More about Nikt Wong

Nikt Wong is an internationally published photographer. His commercial work covers travel, food and personalities. He has worked in China contributing to Action Asia, with Discovery Channel on the re-enactment of the Bali Bombing, with Berlitz and Insight Guides (the largest pictorial guide book publisher in the world) on guide books about Thailand and Malaysia.

In 2005, his work with the Spanish tourism board on ‘The Route of Don Quixote’ has been used in Asian campaigns and exhibited throughout Malaysia. His Khazanah Nasional assignments documents many world leaders, Nobel Laureates and Malaysian corporate and political figures. In 2007 and 2008 he spent considerable time in Terengganu completing two books featuring Terengganu life and Songket Weavers. To his name are also multiple coffee table books and magazine features on international food brands and Asian culture.

Nikt Wong likes to think he’s socially inclined. In 2003 he was involved with the TRO on the reconstruction of Tamil Tiger communities in Sri Lanka and with Mercy Malaysia in documenting Iran’s tragic Bam earthquake. In 2004, his personal work in the Caucasus documented - Russian influence and negligence in Azerbaijan. A year later, in Afghanistan and India he started a project on ‘The Face of Sufism’, resulting in exhibition, talks and a 3 min multimedia show. His intimate potrayal of Kalbelian gypsies in India was exhibited at the 2005 KL Biennale and was featured in ‘Marie Claire - Reportage’. In 2008 he worked with Wild Asia and WCS on endangered bird conservation - an eco-tourism project in Cambodia.

Nikt has given talks and workshops, for brands like Kodak, Nikon, Sony, Click Magazine, the National Art Gallery, The Spanish Embassy and various other media organisations, including The Photographers Gallery in Kuala Lumpur.

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