Safety Management Training: 2 Days

Safety Management & Safety Measures Training Safety Management Training
By Dr. Earl Henry Blair
Safety Management:

Integrating Leading Measures In Safety Management

“Measuring injuries, costs, and incident rates are not a measure of safety – rather these are measures of our failures, shortcomings, and negative consequences.”

By Dr. Earl Henry Blair

Certified Safety Professional (CSP) in Safety Management • Degrees in Psychology • Director of Heartland Safety & Health Education Center
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Course Title:
Integrating Leading Measures In Safety Management
Training Category:
Health & Safety
2 Days
Target Audience:
Safety Professionals at all levels; managers and supervisors responsible for safety performance.
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Course Introduction ›

Effective Safety Management can be much more complex than many people realize, especially in high-hazard industries. The progress of safety performance has been held back by traditional poor methods of measuring safety. It has been said "The measurement of Safety Performance is the greatest problem we face in safety today". Measuring injuries, costs, and incident rates are not a measure of safety - rather these are measures of our failures, shortcomings, and negative consequences. They are measures of lack of safety. There are much better ways to measure safety that are positive, proactive, and drive improved performance.

This workshop will enable you to implement and sustain a safety process based on the latest knowledge about leading safety measures. Are you currently measuring the process of safety, or simply measuring the negative results that occur from a lack of safety excellence? You will learn the underlying principles for integrating leading measures into your safety management system, as well as best practice case studies and practical application tools. You will participate in relevant activities that allow participants to share knowledge and provide a "blueprint" for customizing your leading safety measures.

Relevant case studies and practical application measurement tools are covered in this course. The original concepts developed by Dr. Blair in this workshop have been presented since 2006 in professional workshops for the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) SeminarFest and Professional Development Conferences. Numerous participants have benefited from the knowledge gained and implementation of Leading Safety Measures at their respective organizations.

Course Objectives ›

Through focused dialogue, meaningful activities, and relevant case studies you will be able to:

  • Identify effective ways to "sell" leading measures to upper management
  • Distinguish between the roles that leading and lagging indicators play when designing safety measurement systems
  • Apply strategies for leading measures based on lessons learned from prominent case studies
  • Recognize and address common pitfalls of safety measures that can hinder your progress
  • Customize powerful measures for various safety management tools such as Job Hazard Analysis, Near-Miss Reporting Systems, and Risk Scoring Matrices.
  • Identify methods that enhance the impact of safety measures; the application of these methods can mean the difference between success and failure.

Course Outline ›


Introductions and Agenda

  • Introductions
  • Agenda & Expectations

Module 1: Leading Measures - Definitions & Benefits

  • What are Leading Measures?
  • ANSI Z10 Recommendations and Examples
  • 10 Criteria for Ideal Safety Measures
  • Benefits of Good Leading Measures
  • Selling Leading Measures to Upper Management

Activity: Measures vs. Drivers

Module 2: Limitations & Uses of Trailing Measures

  • Limitations of Trailing Indicators
  • Driving Analogy for Safety Performance

Activity: Best Practices for Trailing Measures?

Module 3: Prominent Case Studies

  • Compliance Case Study: The Big Four
  • Gulf Platform Case Study: The Importance of Focus
  • Large Brewery Case Study: Employee Engagement
  • Current Food Manufacturing Case Study: The Importance of Leadership

Activity: Avoiding Pitfalls to Effective Safety Measures


Module 4: Ten Steps for Developing Leading Measures

  • Tools for Prioritizing Measures
  • Guidelines to Customize Your Safety Measures
  • Measuring Safety Training
  • Safety Scorecards

Activity: Hypo Case or Live Case Analysis

  • Review the Case in detail
  • Provide Recommendations in small groups
  • Prioritize Measures in full class session

Module 5: Practical Applications - 3 Leading Metrics Tools

  • Job Hazard Analysis: Example 100 point JHA Metric
  • Measuring Near-Miss Reports, Ratios and Follow-up
  • Manuele's Risk Score Formula

Activity: Journey to Safety Excellence

  • A Tool for Measuring Your Safety Program Maturity Levels

Module 6: Concepts to Enhance Safety Measure Effectiveness

  • What about Safety Incentives?
  • Activity: Success Stories & Lessons Learned
  • The Importance of Context for Measures
  • Execution with Excellence - The most Important Part?

Concluding Activities

  • Activity to Share One Thing You will Take Away and Use
  • Parting Conclusions

Certificate Presentations

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