Behavior-Based Safety Training

Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) Training Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) Training
By Dr. Earl Henry Blair
Safety Management:

Enhancing Safety Performance with Behavioral Safety: Current Trends in BBS

“Understand why Behavior-Based Safety works and how to tailor it for your organization for greater safety performance.”

By Dr. Earl Henry Blair

Certified Safety Professional (CSP) in Safety Management • Degrees in Psychology • Director of Heartland Safety & Health Education Center
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Course Title:
Enhancing Safety Performance with Behavioral Safety: Current Trends in BBS
Training Category:
Health & Safety
2 Days
Target Audience:
Safety Professionals at all levels; managers and supervisors responsible for safety performance.
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Course Introduction ›

This workshop will inform you about the psychology, strategies, and practical applications for Behavior-Based Safety (BBS). You will better understand why BBS works, and how to tailor it for your organization. Topics include:

  • A history of BBS and how it has evolved
  • BBS Tools for performance improvement
  • Why BBS can work well; Why BBS sometimes doesn't work well
  • BBS Case Studies and Lessons Learned
  • How to Identify & Remove Barriers to BBS
  • Safety Coaching: The heart of the BBS process
  • Current Trends in BBS including Self-Observations, Do-It-Yourself Strategies, and Lean BBS
  • Common Myths and the truth about BBS
  • How to Measure BBS progress
  • How to Sustain BBS efforts

Course Objectives ›

If your organization is interested in implementing a BBS process, you will understand how the process works and what makes it successful. The case studies will show you how different organizations have designed BBS structures to reduce injuries and to develop their safety culture.

Specifically, you can expect the following benefits from attending this workshop:

  • How to develop safety coaching observation skills
  • Enhancing your safety feedback skills
  • Greater understanding and preparation to overcome barriers to BBS
  • Learn from other companies successes and failures
  • Ability to apply the latest innovations in BBS

Course Outline ›


Course Introduction

  • Welcome, Participant & Instructor Introductions
  • Course Objectives
  • A Brief History of how BBS has evolved
  • Case Study: The Original BBS Experiment & Lessons Learned
  • What Are the Basic Purposes for BBS?
    • Develop Your Safety Culture *Safety Culture Activity
    • Impact Safety Performance

Seven Behavioral Principles to Improve Performance

  • ABC Analysis as a Safety Improvement Tool
  • *ABC Analysis Activity Case Study: Petrochemical Hydrogen Cyanide

What makes BBS Effective?

  • Strategies for Success
  • Why Does BBS Work When Done Well?
  • Why Does BBS Sometimes Not Work Very Well?
  • Case Studies

Current Case Study

  • Pulling Concepts Together for Advanced BBS
  • Large Multinational Manufacturing Co.

BBS Steps that Lead to Safety Excellence

How to Identify and Remove Barriers to Successful BBS

Safety Coaching

  • Developing Observation Skills
  • How to Develop Feedback & Dialog Skills
    • Guidelines for Good Feedback Skills
    • Feedback Applications under Various Conditions
    • Activity: Developing Feedback Skills for BBS

Current Trends in BBS

  • Effectively Using Behavioral Data
  • Evolving Issues in Making BBS Most Effective
    • Case Study: Heavy Manufacturing Plant, MW USA
  • Evolving Concepts for BBS
    • DIY Case Study: International Furniture/Electronics Co
  • Distinctions Between Personal Safety & Process Safety *BP Texas City

How to Maximize Your Behavioral Safety Measures

  • Multiple Case Studies (Oil, Brewery, Steel)

Sustaining BBS Performance

  • Execute with Excellence
  • Importance of the Safety Scoreboard

Enhancing Safety Performance with BBS

  • Understanding some Common Myths
  • The way forward

Take-Away Activity

  • Conclusions

Certificate Presentations

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