Sexual Harassment At Workplace

Human Resource Management: Say No to Sexual Harassment at Workplace Say 'No' to Sexual Harassment at Workplace
By Dr Kamal Kenny
PSMB HRDF Claimable
Course Title:
Say 'No' to Sexual Harassment at Workplace
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Human Resource Management
Target Audience:
HR Personnel, Managers, Quality Department Personnel, Policy Makers/Committee
1 day
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  • Language: English, Bahasa Malaysia
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Workshop
  • Group Discussion
  • Presentation Handouts
  • Indoor Activities
  • Participant Presentation
  • Video Presentation
  • Role Play
  • Case Studies
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Misconduct Management:

Say ‘No’ to Sexual Harassment at Workplace

“Sexual Harassment is not something to shy upon but it is essential that every organisations takes steps to combat it.”

By Dr Kamal Kenny

PhD in Gender Development • Master in Science • Degree in Social Science • PSMB TTT Exempted • HRDF Claimable
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Sexual harassment is regarded as one’s of organisations serious offences these days. In fact, more cases are being reported on this issue when awareness is created on the degree of seriousness of this matter.

This workshop will discuss issues pertaining to sexual harassment at workplace. Participants will be given case studies to discuss and there will be simulation exercises throughout the workshops.

Course Objectives

  • To create awareness on what is the definition of Sexual Harassment
  • To sensitize organisations on the need to have a sexual harassment guideline in place.
  • To inform on the importance of handling sexual harassment cases at an organisational level to avoid legal implications.

Course Outline

D A Y  1

Understanding the Phenomenon of Sexual Harassment

  • What is sexual harassment?
  • Definitions globally about sexual harassment
  • How to do you identify sexual harassment?

Identifying models of sexual harassment

  • Understanding different models
  • How models have an impact on workplace

The legal perspective of sexual harassment

  • Code of conduct
  • Guidelines at workplace

Rolling the action plan for sexual harassment

  • Developing a framework for sexual harassment at workplace
  • Putting guidelines into practice

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