Workplace Gamification Training: 3 Days

Workplace Gamification Training Course Workplace Gamification Training
By Culture Dynamics DCI
Organizational Culture Management:

Gamifying Work Processes for High Performance

“The New Performance Measurement in a FUN Way!”

By Culture Dynamics DCI

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Course Title:
Gamifying Work Processes for High Performance
Training Category:
Human Resource Management
3 Days
Target Audience:

This program is suitable for:

  • Any industries where work is mundane and routine with challenges to innovate outside box.
  • Companies with culture that require a shift or re-charge for change processes.
  • Companies that want to innovate and quantum leap for next level of success.
  • Companies that want to transform and create a high performance culture.

It is designed for anyone from top to bottom in particularly those who are in-charge of work system and processes, change leadership, innovation champions and others.

The ideal group would be one manager and 3 members of same team in the same organization. The group shall solve relevant problems they are facing through the game creation process and when they leave, they will be able to implement their ideas and solve specific issues.

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  • Indoor Activities
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Course Introduction ›

  • How do we sustain staff engagement when the work is routine and boring?
  • Can work be gamified to be fun and enjoyable?
  • Why is it essential to gamify work processes as the way moving forward to sustain a culture of productivity?

According to a recent research, in an average working culture of 100 employees, you get the work of 100 employees. In a bad working culture, the output is only 68 although you are paying for 100 employees. On the other hand, in a great working culture, the 100 employees perform at the level 151, which is translated into 1.5 times more productivity for the same 100 employees you are paying. Isn't this wonderful if you can achieve that?

To create a great working culture, consistent employee engagement is no longer an option. Rather it is the solution to long term engagement and career development of staff. A game-based activity by giving points, badges and leadership board has its limitation in creating excitement and it normally cannot last. Gamifying work without proper setting of business objectives and desire behaviours will be difficult to achieve a great working culture. As the Gen Y or Millennials are an important category of workforce that cannot be ignored, the workplace has become more crucial to fulfilling emotional gratification. It is about work-life integration and having a lifestyle at the workplace.

This is a fun and action-based learning. At the end of the session, participants will learn to create a fully gamified work process system that is easily implementable for fast visible results.

Course Objectives ›

This workshop strives to:

  • Identify specific business objectives to achieve.
  • Set the desired behaviour to achieve business objective.
  • Instil behaviours that sustain and engage performance through understanding of Emotional Drives.
  • Create a fun and enjoyable work environment.
  • Improve and sustain a high-performance culture.
  • Systemize the gamification element to achieve desired emotional fulfilment and desired behaviours.
  • Measure to improve specific business objective and desired behaviours.

Course Outline ›


1. Introduction

  • Objectives to achieve
  • What is Gamification?

2. Leadership Challenge by Generations

  • Overview of 4 Generations
  • Baby Boomers - Oldies but Goodies
  • Gen X - The Sandwich
  • Gen Y - Why or Whine?
  • Gen Z - The Challenger
  • Define your generation. How different generation behave.

3. Why & How Gamification Fits

  • Differences between game-based learning and gamification
  • How behaviour leads to consistent result

4. Psychology of Engagement & Emotional Needs

  • The Psychology of Motivation & Engagement
  • What is beyond money?
  • How 8 different emotional drives play in a working culture

5. Setting Business Goal

  • Team forming
  • Identify the business goals to achieve

6. Identify Desired Behaviours

  • Select desired behaviours that lead towards business goals

7. Fulfilling Emotional Needs

  • Identify required Emotional Drives that leads to desired behaviour

8. Story Setting

  • Select a story based on preference for later game mechanics

9. Defining Measurement for cultivating desired Behaviour

  • Setting and defining the elements to measure in fulfilling emotional needs while cultivating desired behaviour

10. Create how the game mechanic works

  • Select suitable system to measure performance and reward

11. Select Accountability Partner

  • Inter-department or Intra-department partnership to achieve business goals

12. Review & Implement

  • State immediate application on to the current status

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