Competency-Based Interview Skills

Competency-Based Interview Skills Training Competency-Based Interview Skills
By Corporate Intelligence Advisors
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Competency-Based Interviewing Skills
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Human Resource Management
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Managers who need to do interviews for recruitment purposes as part of their management roles and responsibilities.
2 Days
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Competency-Based Interviewing Skills

“Learn to master every aspect of the interview process to ensure that you always get honest, helpful and results-oriented answers.”

By Corporate Intelligence Advisors

PSMB Certified Training Provider • Registered with Ministry of Finance (ePerolehan)
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Interviewing is simply getting information from another person. We all use this skill every day. For managers, interviewing is about gathering useful information in every face-to-face encounter, from project planning meetings to client discussions to speaking with prospective employees.

This module has been put together to help participants acquire the basic essential skills needed to carry out effective interviews and how to master every aspect of the interview process to ensure that you always get honest, helpful and results-oriented answers.

Course Objectives

After attending the programme, participants should be able to:

  • Plan and prepare for the interview
  • State the essential skills needed by an effective interviewer
  • Explain the processes involved in managing and conducting an interview
  • Develop practical, specific, well-defined behavioural criteria when interviewing candidates to assist in hiring decisions
  • Use the right communication techniques when interacting with the interviewee
  • Practise active listening skills and doing away with barriers to communication
  • Recognise the six difficult behaviours and how to respond to them

Course Outline


Why Interview?

  • Behaviour and Competency-Based Interviewing
  • Interviewing: It's Not Just Asking Questions
  • Skills for Successful Interviews
  • Steps in Any Interview
  • The Four-Phase Selection Model

How To Plan For The Interview

  • Setting Objectives
  • Determining and Setting the Environment
  • Determining and Setting the Plan

How To Prepare For The Interview

  • Gathering Information Before the Interview
  • Creating and Using Interview Tools

How To Begin and End The Interview

  • The Beginning: Gaining Attention and Creating Comfort
  • The Ending: Gaining Commitment

How To Connect With The Interviewee

  • The Platinum Rule
  • Discover Your Communication Style
  • Recognising Communication Styles
  • Planning to Modify Your Way of Communicating
  • Planning to Gain Information from People Who are Different from You


What Questions To Ask- And How?

  • What Types of Questions Should You Ask?
  • Competency-Based Interview Questions
  • How to Decide What Questions You'll Ask
  • How Should You Ask the Questions?

What Are They Saying… And Conveying?

  • Active Listening
  • What Are You Listening For?
  • Active Listening Behaviours
  • Getting Rid of Barriers to Listening

What If They Don't Act Like You Expect?

  • Six Difficult Behaviours
  • Interpreting Behaviour
  • Behaviours, Possible Causes and Your Response
  • Figuring Out the Causes
  • Avoiding Negative Emotions

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