Indoor Team-building: Building a Dynamic Team

Indoor Team-building: Building a Dynamic Team Indoor Team-building: Building a Dynamic Team
By Culture Dynamics
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Indoor Team-building: Building a Dynamic Team
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Soft Skills › Team-building
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Directors, managers, supervisors, executives and staff
2 Days
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Indoor Team-building: Building a Dynamic Team

“That Thrives in Challenging Times”

By Culture Dynamics

Directive Communication Certified Training Provider • Chartered Member of American Institute of Business Psychology • PSMB Certified Training Provider
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Facing challenges and managing changes are the unavoidable management issues that keep us on our toes. As the old saying goes, there is opportunity in every crisis. To strive, it is essential to build a team that is dynamic and cohesive who can thrive under such adverse circumstances.

This course is designed for staff and management to work effectively in team. The purpose is to understand the differences in each other and how to support and work cohesively to bring out the best in each other. It deals with management issues like communication, motivation, leadership and teamwork and how each member can leverage on each other's strengths and weaknesses to synergize for best result. To build a dynamic team in an organization, it is essential to align organization's values to be congruent with individual's values.

The workshop is highly interactive, fun and full of ideas for powering up your life. We will include the use of proven methods and psychological tools to assist you to discover your potentials for productive effectiveness.

This course is also available in Chinese Mandarin.

Course Objectives

This indoor team-building strives to:

  • Build teamwork, unity and synergy through diversity of team dynamics
  • Enhance communication through different genetic thinking styles of each other
  • Share common goals through building one vision to achieve company's objectives
  • Enhance ability and team effectiveness through understanding of each other's emotional drives
  • Build understanding and tolerance of each other
  • Build trust and long lasting relationship with each other

Course Outline


1. Personal Inventory Challenges

  • Ideal Working Environment - why is it not achievable?
  • Reticular Activating System
  • Colored Glasses Syndrome

2. Foundation of Colored Brain Communication

  • 4 Colored Brain Processors
  • Colored Brain Communication Inventory
  • Interpretation of Colored Brain
  • Colored Brain Communication Cards & Activity


3. Human Emotional Factors

  • What is beyond money? - 8 Human Emotional Drivers
  • Need Sucking Syndrome
  • Circle of Influence
  • Attitude of People in Organization

4. The Foundation of Team Dynamics

  • Formulation of Mulit-Colored Team
  • Building trust and relationship
  • Building the Common Goal
  • Pyramid of Success

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