Business Ethics Training Course Malaysia

Ethics at Workplace Training Course Ethics at Workplace
By Althea Goh
Business Ethics:

Ethics at Workplace

“To Enhance Relationships.”

By Althea Goh

Bachelor of Business • Certified ISMS Auditor • Certified Practitioner of Cellular Memory Regressor • PSMB TTT Exempted Trainer
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Ethics at Workplace
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Soft Skills
1 Day
Target Audience:
Employees of any positions in the organizations.
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Course Introduction ›

Ethics is all about "knowing" and consistently "doing" what is right. The training covers both areas. Employees learn that ethics is displayed in everything they "do", and that everything they do "counts". Ethics is crucial to employee's success in life, and it can make or break an organization.

Course Objectives ›

  • Identify situations that commonly occur in the workplace. These situations and behaviours that every participant will recognise
  • Emphasize that ethical choices are made by people, not by the organization. The workshop gives participants tools and techniques for working through difficult ethical situations
  • Facilitate discussion around the benefits of ethical behaviours and the impacts of poor ethical choices. The workshop demonstrates how personal decisions about ethical issues have the potential to spread into the organisation's culture.

Course Outline ›



  • THE BIG FOUR - Greed, Speed, Laziness & Haziness

EXERCISE #1: What Happened?

  • The purpose of this activity is to help individual participants to reflect on their own feelings and thinking around ethical issues they have encountered.

EXERCISE #2: Ethical Opinion Polling

  • The purpose of this activity is to identify in each of the 20 behaviours belonging either to "clearly ethical", "clearly unethical" "some shade of grey".


EXERCISE #3: Supporting & Distracting Influences

  • The purpose of this activity is to identify in each of the 20 behaviours belonging either to "clearly ethical", "clearly unethical" "some shade of grey".


  • The 3 Steps in Managing

EXERCISE #4: Sharing Ethical Incidents

  • [Group members are to relate their ethical incidents involving their actions, or receiving end of someone's actions or simply observed the incidents and its results, and format provided as guide.]

EXERCISE #5 - Identify Rs of Ethics in Responses

  • [Practices makes Perfect. There is a list of incidents with 2 different responses each where each Group Member are to identify the Ethics' Rs in both responses.]



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