Industrial Relations Training Course: 2 Days

Industrial Relations Training Industrial Relations: The Process and Procedures
By Corporate Intelligence Advisors
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Industrial Relations — The Process and Procedures
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Human Resource Management
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Managers, supervisors, executives, team leaders, and others who need to equip themselves with interpersonal skills for managing people and departments and contribute to the effectiveness of the organization and individual.
2 Days
Public Training Events
Mar 2016 ›
Hotel Capitol, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Mon 07 Mar 2016 - Tue 08 Mar 2016
8:30AM - 5:30PM

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  • RM2,044 per person for group registration of 5 paxs or more from the same organization.
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  • One-on-One Session can be arranged after Day One's training (Only Two Slots per session; must inform us in advance).
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  • Language: English, Bahasa Malaysia
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Industrial Relations:

Industrial Relations — The Process and Procedures

“Learn how to handle various types of misconduct for a better employer-employee relationship.”

By Corporate Intelligence Advisors

PSMB Certified Training Provider • Registered with Ministry of Finance (ePerolehan)
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This is a 2-Day Industrial Relations training program focusing on the Process and Procedures in handling various types of misconduct. Besides the Human Resource Management personnel, this course is also suitable for other department's managers, supervisors, and team leaders who need to equip themselves with interpersonal skills for managing people. To request for in-house training, click on the Request for In-house Training link as displayed above for quotation. For more information about this course, feel free to contact the training provider as shown above. If the public program is available, you can submit for a registration request online by clicking on the Register for Public Training link. If the link is disabled, it simply means it has yet to be available for public. You can contact the training provider for further inquiry.

Course Objectives

  1. These programs are designed to assist the management to have a better perspective on the unwanted act that can jeopardize the company's reputation and at the same time imposing the correct method in dealing with it.
  2. Whether the current practice is efficient to combat such misconducts and the in appropriations;
  3. Deciding what is minor and what is major and determining what to punish such misconducts.

Course Outline


1. What is misconduct?

  • Type of misconduct.
  • Interpretation by law.
  • Objection and rejection.
  • Provision under the law (Industrial Relation Act)

2. Implied misconduct

  • How can it be implied;
  • Minor misconduct;
  • Upgraded misconduct;
  • Major misconduct;

3. Absenteeism

  • Other misconducts deriving from absenteeism;

4. Case study on:

  • Leave application
  • Medical Certificate (MC)
  • Police custody
  • Courts' rulling

5. Maintenance of discipline

  • Corrective discipline
  • Court's ruling and definition


6. New bred of misconduct

  • Cyber misconduct
  • Sexual harassment

7. Provision governing misconduct

  • Handbook
  • Group policy
  • Collective agreement

8. Disciplinary procedures

  • The flow chart
  • What's next

9. Whether the current practice is in accordance with the law?

  • Provision in the act
  • Practice in the Court

10. Process in addressing misconduct

  • Corrective measures;
  • Punitive measures.

11. Case study

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