Conflict Resolution Training: 1 Day

Conflict Resolution Training Course Conflict Resolution Training
By Roy Goh
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Conflict Resolution

“The first workplace conflict resolution training in Malaysia using HR Mediation and Interest-Based Negotiation.”

Roy Goh

Bachelor of Laws (Hons) • Certificate in Contract Law (Harvard Law School)
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Many people attending this workshop have had some prior knowledge in managing conflict in their organization. It will particularly benefit those people who have tried other techniques and found them lacking or insufficient. This training is essential for the Head, Managers, and Executives of any department and anyone who wishes to find out how Mediation and Negotiation can help them in conflict resolutions. Duration:
1 Day
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Apr 2019 ›
Capri by Fraser Hotel Residences, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Mon 22 Apr 2019 9:00AM - 5:00PM
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Course Introduction ›

This is an intensive 1-day Conflict Resolution workshop that participants will have an opportunity to increase their understanding of source of workplace conflicts and disputes. Participants will learn the source of dispute, concepts of mediation and the use of negotiation to facilitate the mediation process in conflicting situations in the workplace. Participants can expect to end the workshop with high interactive and active engagement in role plays. The course is designed for HR Practitioners who are front line personnel that comes in contact in first instance with workplace disputes or conflicts.

This specially designed course aims to equip HR professionals with the correct techniques in resolving workplace disputes and conflicts. By acquiring the understanding of the combined concepts of mediation with negotiation, HR practitioners can better facilitate to resolve dispute or conflicts amicably within the organization before the matters escalate to for example, the Labour Court or Mediation Centre. It will primarily benefit the organization, as disputes and conflicts can be resolved in amicable and confidential way.

Course Objectives ›

Upon completion of this training, participants will be able to acquire techniques in resolving conflicts and disputes in the workplace skillfully, by applying the combination of various processes and concepts on mediation, interest-based negotiation, effective communication and listening skill.

  • Discover source of Workplace Conflicts and Disputes
  • Equip with necessary skills to mediate workplace conflict
  • Discover various ways to better facilitate workplace conflicts/ disputes resolution with the combination of mediation and negotiation in the workplace
  • Better handle difficult employee(s) and conflicts situations before the matter escalates
  • Provide tools to help participants for more effective mediation and conflict resolution which they can apply ?straight away after the training
  • Build your leadership, negotiation and conflict resolutions skills using proven tools and techniques

Course Outline ›


Module 1: Workshop Introduction

  • Understanding of the nature/ Sources of Workplace Dispute
  • Introduction to the role of a HR professional in conflicting situation Introduction to Mediation and Negotiation
  • Understanding the importance of Negotiation and Mediation in workplace conflicting situation

Module 2: Learning of Key Concepts of Mediation

  • Learning of Key Concepts of Negotiation
  • Understanding the key role as a workplace mediator in facilitating dispute and conflict management
  • Understanding the conflict resolution theory
  • Understanding the Conflict Resolution Models

Module 3: Understanding The Nature of Mediation

  • Understanding Negotiation Styles
  • Learning the use of negotiation to facilitate the mediation process
  • Understanding the key concepts of "BATNA" and "WATNA" Understanding the key concepts of "ZOPA"

Module 4: Understanding The Characteristics and Goals of Mediation

  • Understanding the Pros and Cons of Mediation
  • Understanding in what situation mediation may not work
  • Learning of the Mediation Process and Stages
  • Understanding the importance of problem solving in conflicting situation and dispute

Module 5: Understanding The Role of Mediator At Different Stages

  • Understanding of "Caucus or Private Session"
  • Understanding the importance of "reality test and fact finding" Communication skill and listening skills
  • Understanding the importance of Non-Verbal Behaviour (Body Language)

Module 6: Group Activity: HR Mediation

  • Role-Play Exercises Scripted Case Scenarios
  • Participants will be divided into two groups: One Acts as HR and the bother party acts as Employee
  • Roundtable Discussion: Feedback/ Evaluation from our trainer after every role-play exercises

Module 7: Assessment On Mediation Style

  • Test on Mediation Style
  • What is your style?
  • Q & A Session

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