Administrative Skills: Transformation Excellence

Administrative Skills Training Course Administrative Skills Training
By Teresa Alberto
Administrative Skills:

Administrative Transformation Excellence

“Challenges are meant for you to shape up and to sharpen your working skills and knowledge daily...”

By Teresa Alberto

Certified Trainer from Junior Chamber International University, U.S.
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Course Title:
Administrative Transformation Excellence
Training Category:
Soft Skills
2 Days
Target Audience:
All employees in the organization who are involved in office administration, including: Administration Managers, Human Resource Managers, Factory/ Manufacturing/ Production Manager, Head of Department who needs to handle administration duties and tasks, Department Administrative Officers/ Executives/ Assistants/ Clerks, Secretaries/ Personal Assistants, and anyone in the organization who wish to improve their administrative performance.
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Course Introduction ›

Wouldn't you wish there would be NO CHALLENGES at all in your work? OR would you wish that you could tackle all your work without much effort?

Let's think again... if there would be NO CHALLENGES at all... would you be able to develop new skills, would you be geared to learn more, would you want to grow progressively in your organization? Challenges are meant for you to shape up and to sharpen your working skills and knowledge daily.

With careful research and many years of experiences, the trainer has come up with this package that most office administrators, PA, Executives and Secretaries faced:

  • Boredom at work
  • Routine makes work dull
  • No more passion No room to grow as I know it all
  • Blind folded days- the too familiar attitude
  • Taking for granted
  • Inferior attitude that leads to no confidence
  • Not wanting to share because of fear of competition

These may be some of the issues you are facing, but there is always a way to break through and face all these challenges positively.

Course Objectives ›

  • Rekindle passion in your work
  • Build a stronger and better working relationship with your boss
  • Re-create your working styles
  • Re-learn about how to run you work more effectively and efficiently
  • Learn new ways to control your stress moments
  • Instill the energy of 'determination'
  • Handle critics and gossips more positively
  • Be more polished and professional in your work
  • Increase your productivity
  • Understand multitasking and be able to balance

Course Outline ›


Introduction & Briefing

  • Goal setting: What do you want to learn? Define learning scope for the next two days?

Session 1: Meeting Preparations

  • What to do before, during and after meetings
  • Simple but effective preparations
  • Your meeting minutes tools

Session 2: Minutes Taking

Discover the importance of minutes taking. Learn how to write minutes for effective reporting, future record keeping and reference. Know what to do before, during and after meetings and how to be an effective minutes taker.

  • The different methods to take minutes
  • Making minutes taking fun & effective

Session 3: Maximizing Time

Each of us has been given an equal share of time, not more and not less., but how do you develop the best of time to our advantage by doing all that is required within the day's call of duty?

  • Realizing how, what and why we have lesser time in a day
  • How to maximize our time and be more productive

Session 4: Managing Stress

Is stress good or bad? How do you handle stress to your advantage? Do we blame the environment, people around us or the work load? Could adversity be an opportunity?

  • What is stress?
  • Making stress our "friend"
  • Understanding yourself better and your level of stress

Session 5: Handling Human Relations and Criticisms and Gossips

Dealing with your colleagues and associates could be a very complicated and dedicated issue to handle. It may never be easy as no one likes to be criticised. However, taking criticisms constructively could be an advantage for your to improve. How do you handle this?

  • When meeting people what we should do:
    • Handshakes
    • Name Cards
    • Conversations
  • Handling difficult people- angry & 'fuzzy'
  • What to do with criticisms, and taking it positively for improvement
  • Office gossips- is it beneficial and can it bring productivity?

Session 6: My Boss & I

How do you enhance your role in working with the same boss? Is it your voice or the boss' voice? Managing your boss in a high profile organization could be tricky so what are the limits? Is your role just confined to the cubicle of the CEO or the organization?

  • Understanding your boss better
  • Building a healthy working relationship
  • Getting THE WORK done and accomplishing the goal of the organization

Session 7: Enhancing Your Office Roles and Responsibilities and Designing Your Future

Knowing and understanding your role as administrative office is important, however, it is also very crucial for your to be creative, positive and focused in order to stay ahead in the organization. You are not only expected to work smart but also expected to understand the responsibilities and challenges ahead of you. What is your goal in the organization? Where do you stand now and where are you heading? What should you do to stay ahead? Are you dispensable in the organization? How can you be an asset?

  • Refocusing and Reengineering your work
  • Instilling passion with gratitude
  • 5 senses actively into working mode
  • BOS- Innovation is the KEY

Session 8: The WE Factor

  • Working as a TEAM and instilling team spirit
  • Team productivity
  • Making work fun through team working spirit

Session 9: Creative Problem Solving

How do we tackle problems in the work place to our advantage? How do we anticipate problems and facing them with solutions? How do we improve the way we think in order to make full use of our intelligence and experience?

  • Adapted from Edward De'Bono
  • The 6 Different Thinking hats and how to use it effectively to solve problems

Open Forum Discussion

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