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Leadership Psychology Training Course Leadership Psychology Training
By Culture Dynamics DCI
Leadership Skills:

The Hero's Way in Leadership Psychology

“Developing Leaders using DC Psychology for Effective Change Leadership”

By Culture Dynamics DCI

Directive Communication Certified Training Provider • Chartered Member of American Institute of Business Psychology • PSMB Certified Training Provider
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Course Title:
The Hero's Way in Leadership Psychology
Training Category:
Soft Skills
Target Audience:
Individuals from various industries, education levels and positions who want to improve their abilities to affect influence, productivity and personal fulfillment. Directive Communication psychology cultivates groups that develop individuals, their peers, superiors and subordinates to achieve higher levels of performance and motivations.
3 Days
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Feb 2019 ›
Royale Chulan Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Mon 18 Feb 2019 - Wed 20 Feb 2019
9:00AM - 5:00PM

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  • This event is conducted by Arthur Carmazzi, Global Gurus Top 10 Ranking for Leadership & Organizational Culture.
  • Fee include proprietary training tools, manuals, online assessment & apps worth over RM2200 and post course follow up for implementation for 3 months.
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Course Introduction ›

  • What if Leadership is NOT a set of rules that a "Leader" must follow?
  • What if it was a personal journey to find the best of who you are, and the ability to help others on the same journey?
  • What if each person had their own ideal "Leadership Identity" that manifested itself in different environments and facets of their lives?
  • And what if it could all come together through awareness and the skill to apply it.

The Hero's Way is a Two-Part Leadership Training Program, incorporating the powerful Directive Communication Psychology to elicit the qualities that will bring out the hero in you no matter what your position is. A hero that can act intelligently to create a profound impact in personal and organizational results.

The Hero's Way supports a full spectrum of leadership skills for Leaders at all Levels and nurtures a leader's attitude. Through the awareness of the Psychology of Group Dynamics, leaders going through this journey will enhance their own "Leadership Identity" and have the tools required to inspire and move people to action for superior results.

This Highly Interactive and comprehensive workshop provides participants a framework for structuring their intuitive and practical understanding of the psychology of group dynamics relating to people, motivation, communication, team- work and strategy. It assists senior executive managers and supervisors to evolve as Leaders and effectively handle management challenges in multiple context. It helps functional managers sharpen their decision-making skills and broaden their knowledge of How and Why people do or don't do what they do.

Course Objectives ›

At the end of the session, a successful participant should be able to:

  • Understand the psychology and how you affect and are affected by environment.
  • Direct and redirect focus based on solution and not process or problem.
  • Identify your personal leadership identity that leads to success and achieve targets.
  • Identify barriers, challenges and gaps in order to re-learn and go forward.
  • Make realization how you can be a better leader through unleashing your potentials.
  • Increase self-motivation drive and passion to achieve greater results.
  • Cultivate positive mindset to increase leadership effectiveness.

Course Outline ›


1. Introduction

  • Ice Breaker / Getting to know you
  • Objectives to achieve - using World of Work Map

2. The Leadership Psychology of Being Right

  • Foundation of DC Group Dynamics Psychology - understanding of self and environment and how you affect and being affected by environment
  • You role as a Leader - Being the Hero or Villain?
  • Corporate Culture Assessment - online assessment


  • Barriers to Success - the 4 Insanities
  • Problem vs Objectives - Your Focus & RAS
  • The Blame Syndrome - Why are you RIGHT?
  • Creating No Blame Zone
  • Redirect Negative Behaviours / Positive Reinforcement
  • SQUADLI APPS Assessment


  • Encoded Assumption & Rules of Engagement - your automatic reactions of broken realities
  • Understanding of Brain - MacLean's Model
  • Circle of Tolerance
  • Do not ReAct but Act Intelligently - Definition of Hero's, Villain's and Observer's Way


  • Your Colored Brain Genetic Processor
  • Colored Brain Communication Inventory - Online Assessment
  • Understanding your Peers, Superiors, Subordinates
  • Summary & Day 1 Reflection

1. Revision of Day 1 learning points

  • Ice-breaker

2. Colored Brain Communication for Leaders

  • Interpretation of your Colored Brain - strengths & weakness
  • What's in your Danger Zone? How to reduce?
  • Ambiguity Relief - How your brain gets clarity?


  • Your Color as a Leader - Colored Company Game
  • Colors of Creativity & Innovation for Leader
  • Activity - Emulate other colors


  • Colors of Leaders
  • Colors of Teams
  • Competency by Colors
  • Organizational Colors


  • Summary & Benefits of Colored Brain
  • Solving Problems using World of Work Map
  • Emotional Drivers Mirror Assessment - Online
  • Summary & Day 2 Reflection

1. Revision of Day 2 learning points

  • Ice-breaker

2. Human Motivation & Emotional Drivers of Leader

  • Pyramid of Commitment - Connection between Skills, Attitude & Cause
  • What's beyond money? - 8 Emotional Drivers


  • 3 Laws of Motivation - Positive, Negative and Need Suck Emotional Fulfillment
  • Activity - Managing Emotional Currency Game
  • Creating Emotional Drivers Recipe for Team

4. Developing your Leadership Identity

  • Instilling vision through Directive Focus
  • Your Leadership Identity
  • Personal character assessment


  • Key Learning Points Summary / Day 3 Reflection
  • Evaluation & Testimonials
  • Certificate Presentation & Group Photo

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