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Business Continuity Management Training Course Business Continuity Management Training
By Allan Lee
Risk Management:

Business Continuity Management & Sustainability Reporting

“You will be guided how to write your sustainability reporting based on the requirements from Bursa Malaysia.”

By Allan Lee

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt • Certified Business Continuity Management
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Business Continuity Management & Sustainability Reporting Training Category:
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This training is essential for Heads, Managers, and Executives of Sustainability Reporting, Marketing Communication, and Public Relation. Anyone who wishes to find out how to prepare company annual report based on the requirement from Bursa Malaysia. Duration:
1 Day
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Apr 2019 ›
Capri by Fraser Hotel Residences, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Mon 22 Apr 2019 9:00AM - 5:00PM
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Course Introduction ›

Sustainable business is smart business. A strategic approach to long-term material risks and opportunities can make companies more resilient, more innovative and more attractive to investors, customers and potential employees.

Businesses do not operate alone. They both have an impact on, and are impacted by, their wider social, economic and environmental context. An understanding of these impacts, and the stakeholders who are impacted, is vital to understanding the business case for sustainability. Every organization is unique. But each should be able to articulate a clear commercial rationale for acting on responsibility and sustainability issues.

Business continuity management is the glue that cohesively puts together sustainability into a robust program for organizations to realize four broad benefits, i.e. reputation and relationships, cost savings and efficiencies, risks and resilience, and innovation and insights. Sustainability issues present both risks and opportunities to organizations. By minimizing and mitigating risks, while maximizing and leveraging opportunities, organizations can create long-term business value.

This workshop is relevant to organizations that are considering reporting, either within the Annual Report, or as a separate standalone Sustainability Report.

Course Objectives ›

At the end of the programme, participants are expected to BE ABLE to:

  • Understand the concept and apply the components of sustainability framework
  • Identify areas of business synergies to enable growth in a sustainable manner
  • Recognize the benefits of integrating sustainability in business such as enhancing risk management, promoting innovation and improving productivity
  • Understand what business continuity is and its role in enhancing business sustainability and resilience
  • Embed sustainability in the organization
  • Understanding of what to disclose under the Listing Requirements by Bursa Malaysia

Course Outline ›


Module 1: The Sustainability Reporting Guide

This session introduces the purpose and objective of the Guide along with disclosure considerations for listed users.

Module 2: Why Is Sustainability Important?

This session defines the concept and context of sustainability and explores the importance of sustainability management and reporting to businesses and stakeholders.

Module 3: How to embed sustainability in the organization?

This session discusses how your organisation can embed sustainability considerations in your business strategy and leverage sustainability to reduce risks and take advantage of business opportunities.

Module 4: Business Continuity Management

This session provides an overview of business resilience and how it helps organisations to become more resilient.

Module 5: What To Disclose Under The Listing Requirements?

This session looks at the disclosure obligations under the Listing Requirements of Bursa Malaysia ("Listing Requirements" or "LR") and Practice Note 9/Guidance Note 11 and provides you with guidance on how to fulfil the requirements and best practice in preparing the Sustainability Statement.

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