Grooming & Image Management Training

Grooming & Image Management Training Course Grooming & Image Management Training
By Dr. Wendy Liew
Business Etiquette:

Professional Grooming & Image Management

“The most powerful professional grooming and image management training”

By Dr. Wendy Liew

D Prof, GULL, USA • Certified Image Branding Trainer & Coach • The 100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneur 2017
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Course Title:
Professional Grooming & Image Management
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Soft Skills
Target Audience:
This course is applicable to front liners and supporting staff as each and every one of them are the ambassadors of their organizations. They are representing their company and have a role to play in bringing up the organization’s brand value who desire to advance in their profession.
2 Days
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Dec 2015 ›
Hotel Capitol, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Mon 14 Dec 2015 - Tue 15 Dec 2015
8:30AM - 5:30PM

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  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Workshop
  • Group Discussion
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  • Role Play
  • Lecture
  • Case Studies
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Course Introduction ›

Looking good on the outside as well as possessing excellent business, social and communication skills will not only attract people but opportunities to them like moths to a flame. In fact, these qualities are commonly found and are possessed by competent and dynamic professionals in the corporate sectors and the high society.

Knowing how to look good is half the challenge, the other half is how to act so that you stand out for all the right reasons. First and lasting impressions are made up of:

  1. Your physical appearance
  2. Business etiquette which is awareness of appropriate behaviours

Therefore, this intensive Professional Grooming & Image Management training programme is designed to develop competent and dynamic professionals that portray confidence in not only by the way we dress but also, on how we carry ourselves in front of people in formal and non-formal situations. This includes everything to do with our total appearance, the way they communicate through our dressing, communication, body language and fine dining. At the end of the day, the participants who attend this training will learn skills proven to ensure everyone they meet will have a positive impression as well as building the great brand value for the company they represent.

Course Objectives ›

  • Understand the importance of business etiquette in job performance
  • Carry themselves well by living up to the company/ brand's image and social standing
  • Have the confidence to carry oneself with appropriate conduct and etiquette in any situation
  • Practice good grooming and dress sense with knowledge on how to be well groomed at all times
  • Understand both verbal and non-verbal communication including body language and understand how appearance may affect body language
  • Understand the counterpart behaviour better by learning the body language transmitted and able to react to gauge and skew the business meeting
  • Be comfortable and able to adapt well in any business formal and informal situations
  • Demonstrate dining etiquette (table manners, fine dining etiquette & napkin folding) with ease and confidence

Course Outline ›


Module 1: Presenting You At Your Personal BEST

  • Creating lasting first impressions Anywhere, Anytime, Anyplace
  • Mastering and using 3V's to your advantage
  • Tips and tricks on being a Professional
  • Living up to your Brand & Image
  • The Key Components of A Winning Image

Module 2: Business Professional 101: The Right Statement Every Time

  • Professional Look & Play Thy Part!
  • The Corporate, Communicator & Creative Career Profiles
  • MEN vs WOMEN Style & Substance
  • Dressing for Your Corporate Culture- Appropriate Office Attire
  • Fashion Faux Pas & Image Destroyers
  • Business vs Causal Wear Essentials
  • Authority Dressing Guidelines
  • Module 3: Using NLP in Looking Good & Attracting Success

    • Flexi-Dress! Adapting your image to meet different job demands/ business
    • Unlocking the Colours of Fortune
    • Attention to Detail
    • Working your way through Colour Personalities
    • Accessories that spells "Success"

    Module 4: Make-Up & Grooming for the Professional Men & Women

    For Women

    • Make-Up Essentials
    • Step by Step Hands on/Demo on the Use of Make-up & its Application
    • Tips & Tricks To Increase Your Appearance & Boost Your Attractiveness

    For Men

    • Moustache maintenance
    • Mini Facial
    • Banishing B.O & Smelling Good

    Module 5: Hijab Styling & Tie Talk

    For Women

    • Be a Hijab-nista of Your Own
    • Learn different types & styles on trying/ styling your headscarf
    • Be creative & Fashionable in Different Lengths & Styles

    For Men

    • Different way of Tying a Tie
    • Guidelines on how to mix & match pattern ties and shirt
    DAY 2

    Module 6: Business Etiquette 101: Manners Really Do Matter!

    • The Importance & Significance of Being Cultured
    • Meet, Greet & Introduce with Confidence
      1. Self Introduction/ Group Introductions/ Third Party Introductions
      2. 1 Way vs 2 Way Introductions
    • Handshakes: Cultural nuances and Sensitivities
    • Create a Powerful Verbal Business Introduction Card
    • Remembering Names with Ease

    Module 7: Business Meal Etiquette Essentials

    • European vs. American Style Dining
    • Mastering Table Manners & Table Settings
    • Proper use of Cutleries, Crockery and Napkin
      1. How to cut meat
      2. How to drink soup
      3. How to butter bread
      4. How to pick up peas
      5. Etc
    • Table Mannerism
      1. Chewing and talking with the mouth full
      2. Spitting out politely
      3. Resting elbows on the table
      4. Sweet Nothings- Making Small Talk
      5. Handling mishaps such as spillage
      6. Etc

    Module 8: Be a Master of Body Language (non-Verbal Communication)

    • What Your Body Language Really Says About YOU
    • The Art of Instant RAPPORT
    • Watch Out Body Signals!
    • Posture, Poise, Elegance & Your Social Class
    • Eye Signals in Business & Social

    Module 9: Walk You Way UP!

    • Importance of good body posture and discover the correct body posture
    • Ways in portraying the correct stance and poise
    • Walking, Standing & Sitting

    Module 10: How to be a Good Conversationalist

    • Speaking with Confidence- Pause, Pace & Clarity
    • Good/ Bad Communication Topics
    • Do's & Don't in Communication
    • The Art of Compliments!
    • Rudeness Be Gone

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